You will notice that we do not use many banners or pop-ups on this site and, frankly, we avoid any form of intrusive direct advertising that could interrupt the reader’s experience.

We can do this because we are supporting the site through the use of affiliate links.


What are affiliate links?

In short, when and if you end up buying an NFT Domain that we recommend on the site, you are helping us. It’s that simple. And it doesn’t cost anything either.

The way affiliate partnerships work is that whenever you make a purchase on another site after being referred by, that other site will pay us a small commission.

These commissions are a way for the affiliate partner to thank us for referring a customer.

One thing we really need to point out is that it’s our affiliate partners who pay these commissions, not you. This means that for you, the price of what you are buying remains the same.


The role of affiliate partnerships for us

The fact that we have these affiliate partnerships allows us to offer our content for free and not worry about finding a product to sell and pushing it to you, posting typical online ads, looking for sponsors with their own agendas, or – the worst option – charging you for reading our content. contents.


How we decide who to affiliate with

The process is really very simple for us. The revenue is that we only affiliate with companies that offer solutions that we already use.

That way, you can benefit from our recommendations knowing that they are always backed up by real data and have been tested by our team.

By the way, if you end up buying something based on our recommendation, be sure to follow us on Instagram. We love to hear from you and your experiences. We always consider them when evaluating the actual experience and quality of service people are getting from our affiliate partners.