Are you ready to use your domain to simplify crypto payments forever? Whether it’s for sending crypto or transferring it, you’re about to save yourself a whole lot of trouble moving forward, and we’re here for it.

Although wallet addresses (that long string of mumbo jumbo that identifies where crypto should go) are an easy way for computers to talk with each other, they certainly weren’t made with humans in mind. And the last thing you want when transferring or sending crypto is for it to be sent to the wrong person.

Once your domain is set up, all the sender needs to do is: 

#1) Open up a crypto wallet

#2) Enter in your domain name instead of the wallet address

#3) Select the crypto and the amount

#4) Hit send

That’s it!

With your Unstoppable Domain, you can receive over 275 different cryptocurrenciesinstantly! But remember, each type of crypto has its own address, so make sure you’ve linked all your crypto addresses to your domain before receiving any payments.

So what are you waiting for?

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